Printing Flyers for promotions

Dubai is a growing economy and many different types of organizations and businesses are setting up and flourishing effectively with the help of proper promotion, marketing and advertisement. New ideas, product quality and packaging is always considered effective tools of selling but how people are getting aware from it depends on how you publicize it. Flyers printing in Dubai is creating a huge impact on advertising and promotions of new products which are not only user-friendly but are easy to access for every individual.

General public often gets bamboozled by so many terminologies of printing products like flyers, handbills, pamphlets, booklets, brochures and leaflets, and other various products. They think of these products in a same way, but only printing and marketing persons are able to better understand the difference.

Flyers, leaflets or handbills are quite similar terms that represent a single 8.5×11 inches printed sheet of paper restraining some promotional information. These are very affordable promotional tools for quick and easy advertisement. They target some special group of audience or specific customer type and locality.

Flyers are normally utilized for:

  • Events announcements
  • Promoting new flavor, branch, or start-up of a new shop
  • Information about happening of new shows or conferences
  • Small piece of paper to create curiosity among readers
  • Campaign promotion like holiday packages or sales news

Brochures have multiple pages, but are folded by one single sheet paper or in shape of bi-fold to tri-fold booklet. Proof reading, alignment and layout of the folds are very important in formation of brochures. They are a bit more expensive to print and quite time-consuming to check for detailed alignment and proofing. These are only dispatched for targeted audience and some specific campaigns. These brochures may also contain different schemes, deals or timeline rates of special occasions.

Booklets and Pamphlets are similar but have a small difference. Both are print materials that contain single or multiple sheets but booklets are multiple sheets which are bounded together while pamphlets are unbounded single two-sided printed sheets. This is why pamphlets are sometimes reflected like a flyer and fulfilled similar needs of its printing. Booklets are being multi-page, held together by a stapler or a steel wire so they cannot be easily detached. They are printed with proper alignments to become reader-friendly. These are expensive to be printed.

Booklets are used for:

  • Categorizing different products and services
  • Manuals or rule book form
  • Company or business informative material during any conference
  • Reference material for a meeting or VIP get-together

After describing details on flyer, brochures and booklets, we believe you are no more confused to find what type of printing material you are looking for to get your business and products promoted in the local market. It is very easy to find relevant flyers and booklet printing in Dubai to organize a campaign or promote your brand, or publish any manual for your employees. It is just a click away on the internet.