Upsides of Theta Healing

In the world of alternative ways to treat patients, theta healing comes as a ray of hope for many. The technique first came to the fore in 1995 by Vianna Stibal as she made her journey back to health by recovering from a nine-inch tumor in her leg. The Theta Healing is a technique that encourages meditation and spiritual philosophy. It is not bound within any religion but it deals with all the religions equally with an aim to get closer to the Almighty. In this technique, the recipient is told to train him or her mind, body and soul in a way that sets him free from the limiting beliefs. It helps people to have a positive outlook about life which results in better performance in all aspects of life. The Theta Healing puts the onus on prayer and meditation to bring about a positive change in the lifestyle of the recipient. Read on to know more about theta healing courses in Dubai.


The Theta Healing technique utilizes theta recordings to relax the recipient as quickly as possible. In this way, many of the reiki recipients use the recordings of deep meditation and spiritual awakening to produce calmer energy which always helps in the overall healing process. Most of us, who believe in spirituality, are well aware that the energy can be felt and experience with the sixth sense. This energy can be transferable and a healer transfers his or her calm energy into the recipient’s body to calm him or her down. People with mental and physical stress and anxiety are made to experience the theta waves which relax them naturally. These Theta recordings work in the 4-8hz frequency bracket where 6hz is considered as the peaceful relaxation point. It is used to give peace to the mind and get the recipient rid of anxiety and frustration by reducing the heart rate and bringing down the tension in muscles. Another amazing thing about theta healing is that it gives relief quickly. Another upside is that it works parallel with the prescription medicine therefore the recipient doesn’t have to ring in massive changes in his lifestyle to deal with both treatments at the same time.


A daily usage of theta healing technique brings about massive positive changes in the human mind and body by enhancing mood to give you strength against challenges and negative situations. Together they all contribute to confidence, wellbeing, enhanced tolerance ability, and a content mind. Click here to know more about how theta healing does wonders on a human body and mind.