Are you buying the right mattress?

Whenever you’re on the lookout for a high-quality mattress, the one question you should keep asking yourself is “Am I buying the right mattress? If yes, then what qualities make it the best option for my body and my spouse and kids. Many of us falter during the process as some fall to the marketing gimmicks of different brands, others make compromise on the price, whereas some others are fully unaware of their medical conditions and end up purchasing a mattress that further deteriorates their health issues. If you reside in a country like the United Arab Emirates where you have stay inside under the influence of air-conditioners, your chances of attracting back problems magnify immensely. Therefore, finding the best mattress shops in Dubai holds the key in your search.


As we all know that the internet research through government’s official websites, keeping away from the marketing stunts of the mattress sellers, test driving your mattress before checking out, and selection of the right amount of firmness in the mattress are the most clinical aspects of buying a mattress. However, there are many other issues which work with the above-mentioned factors to make your mattress purchase the best decision of your life.


  1. Selection of a pillow is also very important with the purchase of the mattress. This is imperative because slimmer people don’t need a very big or thick pillow because they won’t be able to press it enough to get into the perfect level with the mattress. On the contrary, heavier individuals always love extra thick pillows so as to feel the comfort.
  2. The latest mattress designs have also presented the option for have adjustable beds in your bedrooms. In a way, they are an awesome option because they would let you sit and lie down as per your requirement and mood.
  3. Always make sure to check the warranty of the mattress before making the payment. A top-quality mattress will come with a 10-20-year full replacement or non-prorated warranty.
  4. Always double check if your government allows retailers to offer comfort guarantee. This would also help you in test driving your next mattress before it actually becomes your belonging.
  5. Select a store which is recognized for its specialty in mattresses. It is always better if the salesperson at the store has to offer a few words of wisdom about sleep disorders and how a mattress can bail you out of this medical condition.


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